Technical Department 

SMIT&DORLAS N.V. not only offers fresh coffee and all that is related to coffee but we also offer a well trained and well equipped technical department.

The customers can count on the SMIT&DORLAS Caribbean N.V. Technical Department to give them qualified assistance service.
The technicians are well trained in order to solve any technical problem you may have.
Our technicians give assistance to support the following activities:

  • Installation of machine when purchased or leased from SMIT&DORLAS Caribbean N.V.;
  • Technical support for machines when they break down or do not work properly;
  • Availability of parts;
  • Periodical servicing of machines;
  • We know how important it is for your business to always have a cup of coffee to serve to your customers, that is why our technicians are on call after-working hours and even during weekends in case you have a problem with your coffee machine.

Besides the technical support to our customers, SMIT&DORLAS Caribbean N.V. offers other kinds of services to our customers:

Service Contract

To keep your machine in top condition we offer different kinds of service contracts for your machine. The advantage of a service contract is that we will service your machine when necessary every six weeks, three months or six months depending on the machine.

If you lease a machine at SMIT&DORLAS Caribbean N.V. the service is included in the lease price.

Same Day Delivery

At SMIT&DORLAS Caribbean N.V. we make it very easy to order our products. If you place your order in the morning, we will deliver your order in the afternoon. Your order will always be delivered the same day or the next day.
Since we receive our coffee from the Roaster Company in The Netherlands very regularly we guarantee that you will receive fresh coffee every time you place an order.

Barista Training

The basis for a good cup of coffee starts with the proper technique to pull the perfect espresso shot. At SMIT&DORLAS Caribbean N.V. we teach our customer the basic techniques for a perfect espresso and the proper way to steam milk. We can give personal classes or group classes depending on your need. smit-dorlas-close-up-2753.jpg